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If you've always wanted to be an actress…
If you want to learn the fine art of flirting…
If financial independence is important to you…
If you are tired of living ONLINE….

… Then it's time for you to realize your desires and gain freedom from prejudices at OFFLINE!



We guarantee
100% safety and no any intimacy

Housing assistance

Friendly team no coercion
It is important for us
Age over 18 years and attractive appearance

Basic English knowledge

Readiness to learn and perception of new information

Willingness to earn a lot and spend wisely
We will teach you
To dance beautifully and seductively

To play different roles

To reveal your femininity

To achieve goals

To communicate properly with men
Why do you need this?
You will learn to earn a lot and gain financial independence

You will invest in yourself and your future

You will learn the basics of psychology and seduction

You will get rid of all your complexes

You will find many friends

You will have a lot of time for yourself
What is waiting for you
4 working days to choose from 20.30 to 07.00

Workout 3 days a week

Participation in show ballet

The friendly and carefree atmosphere
Earn up to UAH 50,000 per month
just relaxing at the club!

OFFLINE is a place where you can realise your professional potential, enjoy each of your working shifts and cultivate your talents.

The following vacancies are open:

administrator, hostess, cashier, bartender, waiter, DJ, hookah attendant, security and cleaner.


It is important for us
Age over 22 years

Intermediate level of English

Professional experience in the desired vacancy

Smart appearance

Fondness for your job

What is waiting for you
Schedule 3/3 from 19.00 to 07.00

Encouraging the initiative

An income from 15,000 to 40,000 UAH
Why you should try with us
We will teach you to earn a lot

The most capable are trained at the expanse of the company

Your emotional state and wishes on the schedule will be respected and taken into account

We support and help each other
We guarantee
Housing assistance

Team work

Mutual respect in the team

Professional growth